June 6, 2019

Why investing is an intelligent savings idea?

The most effective and fastest ways to make wealth grow is by making investments with your money. Despite many choose to save money by working away a monthly basis that takes a long time to get rich. If you want to get rich, you need courage and ability to take risk while making financial investments. In spite of the risks involved making an investment is an intelligent saving idea which worth the time and effort to grow your income. With good financial knowledge, you can be a successful investor.

Below are reasons why you need to invest your money rather than keeping it idle.

To grow it

Investing your hard earned money grows it over time. Most investment modes, for example, stocks or bonds, offer profits on your money over the long-term. This way your money builds and you create wealth with time with great return on investment.

Earn higher returns

To be able to grow your money, you need to place it in a place where it could earn a great rate of return. The higher the RoR, the more money you are going to earn. Investment vehicles often offer the opportunity to earn greater rates of return as compared to savings accounts.

Meet your financial goals

Investing will help you succeed in achieving big financial plans in your life. If your money is generating a higher rate of return than a savings account, you will be generating more money both over the long-term and within a faster time period. This return on your assets can be used towards major economic goals, such as buying a house or sending children to college. starting small businesses, or buying a car.

Start or expand your business

Investing is a crucial part of business creation as well as expansion. Many investors prefer to support entrepreneurs and help in the creation of new jobs and new products. They are enthusiastic about creating and establishing online businesses and building them into successful entities that can provide them a strong return.

Types of Investment fields. Which one should you choose?

Investment fields are broadly classified into two types, growth investments, and Passive investments. But the overall investment is an intelligent saving idea which makes your dream true.


Stocks are considered to be a growth type because they can grow significantly in comparison to original investment on the medium to long term. If you own shares, you may also obtain income from dividends that is effectively a portion of a company’s profit paid out to it is shareholders.

Of course, the value of stock shares may also fall below the price for them. Prices can be risky from day to day and shares are often best suited to long term traders, who are comfortable withstanding these kinds of ups and downs. Also known as equities, stock shares have historically delivered increased returns than other assets, stock shares are considered one of the riskiest kinds of investment.


Property can also be considered as a growth investment since the price of houses can rise substantially as the area value and housing prices increase. Just like shares, a house can also fall in value and carries the risk of losses. It is easy to invest directly by buying a house but also indirectly, through a house investment fund.

Passive Investments

These are considered to be lower risk investments compared to growth investments.

Savings account

This typically gives the lowest possible returns out of all investment kinds. Money investments include everyday checking accounts, high-interest savings trading accounts, and term deposits. While they offer no possibility of capital growth, they can provide regular income and can perform an important role in guarding wealth and reducing the threat in an investment portfolio.


The best-known kind of fixed interest investments is bonded. Here governments or companies take out a loan from investors and pay out them a rate of interest in turn.

Bonds are a passive investment because they usually offer lower potential profits and lower levels of a threat than shares.

How to be a billionaire

Buy real estate

Based on Forbes magazine, there are 223 billionaires from the real estate field. Properties acquired at relatively low prices can be developed, rented and sold to make money.

Spend money on business

Starting your own business or even buying into one can be a great way to make money. Create or even choose a company that offers a product or service that you would certainly bring in a new value in society. Put your time and money towards improving it. The trending investments today are done in technology, gaming, mining, green energy and other companies that think out of the box.  For instance, Mark Cuban bought Dallas Mavericks for $285 million which was thought as the worst investment in the basketball industry as the team was not performing at that time. But Cuban turned the team around quickly and won the NBA championship in 2011.

Buy and sell stocks

The stock market may be a very good place to increase wealth. Study the markets carefully before buying and pay attention to which stocks tend to be successful. Be informed to make wise purchases. Most stocks rise over the long term. Learn technical and fundamental analysis.

Open money market accounts

These accounts need a higher minimum amount as compared to regular savings accounts, yet give twice the rate interesting of a savings account. High-yield money market accounts are somewhat risky. Withdrawing the cash and affecting its assets are limited. However, it’s a simple method to allow money to grow while performing nothing.

Invest in government

Bonds are interesting accreditation issued by government agencies, such as the Treasury, which offers no probability of default. The government controls the actual printing presses and can printing whatever money is required to include the principal, so these are fairly safe investments and a simple method to diversify your assets.

Investment risks

All assets involve some degree of risk. higher the risk greater the return rates on investment Within finance, risk refers to the level of uncertainty that leads to potential loss of money but this investment is an intelligent saving idea.   The investment risks can be

Business Risk- If a company goes bankrupt and its assets are liquidated the stockholders will be the ones to receive their proceeds. The company’s bondholders will be paid very first, then holders of desired stock. If you are a retail stockholder, you get whatever is kept, which may be nothing.

Volatility Risk- Stocks fluctuate up and down. A stock’s price could be affected by factors inside the business, such as a faulty product, or even by events the company does not have control over, such as politics or market events. When price decreases your investment loses money.

How to invest?

To invest, first, you need capital. If you are planning to invest in the stock market, you need to apply for a Demat account from a broker. For this, you need a PAN card, address proof, recent photographs. Some brokers allow fully online registration and others need you to sign and send hard copy documents. each and every broker having their own formalities but some of the brokers take a very little amount to open Demat account. You can go for zerodha and 5paisa they have charged a very small amount

How to be a great investor

Great investors remain patient for their investment to play out, they don’t shy away from asking for help with investments, they don’t make decisions out of emotions and they follow a disciplined approach while investing money and they know that investment is an intelligent saving idea. Moreover, they have a solid risk management strategy.

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