September 22, 2020

How To make money with affiliate marketing Sale Online as a Staying Mom

Are you fresh to affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to make passive income from the blog and it works rather well regardless of your niche.

It’s also great for beginners because you’re selling someone else’s product that already has an audience and a sales page found out for conversions.

You don’t need to create a product and you actually don’t need to have an outsized audience to form money with affiliate marketing.

Of course, it’s not as easy because it often sounds and does take some strategy.

If you’re able to start making money together with your blog, I highly recommend affiliate marketing albeit you’re a beginner and make money with affiliate marketing.

Today, I’m getting to dive into the way to actually make your first affiliate sale together with your blog regardless of your niche also as the way to promote your blog to drive quality traffic.

disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links which suggest I’ll receive a little commission if you buy using that link at no extra cost to you. and if you are doing, I appreciate you!

Understanding Your Audience And Their Problem

Affiliate marketing is about solving a drag your audience has with a particular product or service which will make their life easier or just give them the solution.

To make any quite money blogging, you would like to know your audience.

Think about why someone would come to your blog.

It may not be as obvious initially but your audience is coming to you for something. So take a glance at what your blog is and probe what pain point your blog is concentrated on.

Are they trying to find the simplest gifts for dog lovers for the upcoming holidays?

Or maybe they’re coming to your blog for advice on the simplest cribs and blankets to shop for a newborn.

Getting a transparent understanding of why someone is coming to your blog and what they’re looking to seek out once they get there can assist you to pick the right affiliate products and programs once you would like to start out promoting and make money with affiliate marketing staying mom.

Choose What quite Blog Post to write down

Not all blog posts are great for making money with affiliate marketing and that’s fine.

Some posts you write are going to be geared towards getting people to your blog, especially as a beginner et al. are going to be geared towards making money through affiliate sales.

I go into detail on the simplest blog posts for affiliate marketing during this post but here is a summary of them:

How to’s/Tutorials- These sorts of posts are simply showing your audience the way to do something meaning, they came thereto post with drag and they’re trying to find an answer.

You are either showing your audience the way to use the affiliate product or the way to solve a drag using the affiliate product.

One of my highest converting “how to” posts is that this one.


Because it starts off with a drag, (learning the way to blog) and provides people an answer with the proper products to use also as valuable information and step-by-step instructions.

Reviews- Review posts are great for promoting online courses or a specific product because you’re showing your audience the results you bought from that product.

Affiliate Marketing for mom bloggers: Best Way To Make Money

These work rather well if you share your story, provides a little background on the merchandise, and mention how it worked for you.

Gift Guides- With the holiday’s quickly approaching, gift guides are fantastic for affiliate marketing because all of the guesswork is completed for your audience.

You compile an inventory of products that are perfect for somebody specific and write on them.

This is great for your audience because they get all the knowledge compiled into one post rather than having to look at the web for presents to shop for.

List Posts/Round-Ups- List type posts are almost like gift guides but are often used for just about anything.

A roundup of the simplest free courses for brand spanking new bloggers.

Or an inventory of the simplest jeans to wear for fall into $50.

Your affiliate links can easily be added to those lists posts with each product. Just confirm to write down a little blurb under each product and not just a straight-up list.

Want to start to make $10000/ month recurring ? click here to join the Free training

Read this post for a breakdown of the way to write affiliate posts that really convert.

BIG TIP: Only promote products you’ve got personally used or done extensive research on. the purpose is to supply the simplest possible products to your audience and if you lose their trust, affiliate marketing won’t work for you.

Get Eye Balls on Your Affiliate Post

Marketing is vital when it involves driving high-quality traffic to your blog and if you would like to form your first affiliate sale that’s what you’re getting to need.

I am all about Pinterest for marketing my blog posts because it drives 80% of my daily blog traffic. But, like everything else on the web Pinterest marketing isn’t as easy as pinning all of your blog posts sort of a madman.

You need a technique.

And the point isn’t to urge the entire world on your posts, you simply need the proper people, which I show you exactly the way to neutralize this eBook which you’ll inspect right here.

The other thing about Pinterest is that you simply can even use Pinterest to form your affiliate sales whether you’ve got a blog or not. I personally use this as another strategy to form money with affiliate marketing and it works whenever.

You can grab the precise strategy to form money with Pinterest from this course by Elise of House of Brazen.


Create Multiple Pins for Pinterest

There are a couple of alternative ways I prefer to market my blog posts and in fact, the primary one is Pinterest.

For every single blog post, I create multiple pins to be pinned on Pinterest because you would like to undertake out different wording to ascertain what resonates together with your audience in order that they click through to your blog.

I recommend pinning your different pins for equivalent posts scattered throughout the week using Tailwind.

This will help to scale back the design of spam, give yourself more chances for repins and click-throughs, and confirm more of your audience sees your pins.

Add Links To Other Relevant Blog Posts

Go through your other blog posts and add a link to your new blog post that has the affiliate links.

Of course, only do that where appropriate.

This can also help together with your bounce rate and keeping people on your blog longer because they’re watching multiple posts per visit.

You can also add affiliate links to older posts where it’s appropriate and remember why your audience is visiting that post.

Utilize Social Media

Don’t forget to use your other social media platforms to market your blog posts.

I like to share my blog posts to Twitter right after I’ve posted them, then I share with my other social media platforms throughout the week to make sure my post is being seen by my audience.

You can also utilize Facebook groups to assist get your blog posts out there if you’re a replacement blogger.

If you would like more organic social shares on your blog posts (who doesn’t) inspect this post.

Send It To Your Email List

Whether you write a monthly or weekly newsletter to your email list likelihood is that you’ll easily stick in your latest blog post.

And it is often as simple as a blurb then a link to your new blog post otherwise you can create a whole mini-lesson within the email then send it to your list.

List Building Program

If you haven’t started building an email list inspect this post.

Serve Your Audience

The point of affiliate marketing and blogging is to serve your audience.

Give them a reason to trust you and to truly plan to purchase a product you promote.

Do that and you’ll be ready to make your first affiliate sale and still make sales.

I heard a quote the opposite day that’s really helpful, “nobody who bought a drill wanted a drill, they wanted a hole. So if you would like to sell drills, advertise information about making holes, not making drills”.

Basically just meaning, your audience features a problem like eager to make a hole, use your blog post to inform the way to make a hole with a drill, and make that drill an affiliate link.

You solved your audience’s problem together with your affiliate link. That’s how you create consistent sales no matter the dimensions of your audience.

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How To make money with affiliate marketing Sale Online as a Staying Mom
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How To make money with affiliate marketing Sale Online as a Staying Mom
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