May 20, 2019

How to grow money: Don’t work for money, let the money work for you

Fear of survival, not able to pay bills at the right time and thinking about how to grow money  witout losing reputation. Downgrading lifestyle can naturally force a person to work for money rather than work towards creating value in society. Ideally, money should be a byproduct of your passion and hard work you put on to things you like in life. However, the social fabric is far from this. 

The mindset of working for money or a high paying job gets ingrained in a person at an early age. The way the education system in the current society functions is the key reason that creates this way of thinking. The modern education system is tailored towards creating workers or employees. It does not teach about how to grow money.


Find your space

A person can build wealth in a plethora of ways. Doing a 9 to 5 job is just the one way that everyone relies upon and is not an effective way in the long run. To build a rich life one has to invest in the future. Here is a rundown on different things that you need to consider to grow your income.

Get out of debt

Do you realize how much of your monthly income is taken away by student loans, credit card bills, and car payments? If it’s a large chunk of it, imagine what could have been possible if you were unshackled by these payments.

So, how to grow money if you add up, it could easily turn into decent retirement savings. So try to get out of debt as quickly as possible. If you are in serious debt, cut down unnecessary expenses and pay the debt early as possible.

Don’t let your money sit idle, invest it

Once you have leftover money every month after paying off bills, you have to begin investing it in the future of your family. This can be saving money for an emergency in terms of health insurance, accidental insurance, and other safety policies. When you are insured you need to next think about investing in stocks, gold, mutual funds, or real estate. Taking help from a financial planner is essential to smartly invest and get high returns.

Invest in learning new skills

Learning new skills that are in demand helps to improve your portfolio. This will boost your opportunities to get high paid jobs. If you are interested in learning a new skill, spend money on courses, experienced tutors and learn them in your free time. You can try Udemy as online resources

Develop passive income streams

The word passive is misleading. Many equate passive income streams to an easy way of making money. But it’s not true. Most passive income streams require you to establish a business and develop it for a period of time. Later on, these can bring you steady and huge payoffs later. These can be making YouTube vlogs, writing blogs, affiliate marketing, e-retailing, etc.

Choose credit and debit cards that offer perks

Every penny you spend could be rewarded in some form, either gift cards or discounts. Few of the banking institutions offer these benefits. Pick the ones that offer the best reward on your credit.

Open high-interest savings account

If you know how to grow money then you need to look for ways through which your idle money could grow as it waits for its disposal. A typical savings account offers an interest of 4% per annum. Look for banks that offer more than this rate.

Buy property

Buying a home for rental income is a lucrative option. You would need to invest in buying and managing the home or property but it keeps paying additional income for life. Also, the value of the property usually gets higher over time and you get good money when sold. I hope these tips will help you to better manage your income and essentially grow it over time. Do not follow the money, let the money follow you by the smart actions you take in life. This will help you find work-life balance and have a luxurious life.

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