March 12, 2020

Super Affiliate System V/S 1K A Day Fast Track review

I truly believe in transparency, because I am in online business for over 4 years, and I failed a lot and then I moulded myself to be a successful online marketer. So in spite of that, I always admire the transparency in Online businesses. So In this Super affiliate system v/s 1 k a day fast track review, I will give you the actual walkthrough over these two courses. then it will be easier to make the decision about which course you should buy.

Content overview

  1. What is a Super Affiliate System?
  2. Is it Legit?
  3. Who’s it For?
  4. How Does Super Affiliate System Works?
  5. What Tools Used In SAS Training?
  6. Exact Blueprint of Super Affiliate System
  7. Price of Super Affiliate System
  8. Pros.
  9. Cons.
  10. Bonuses


  1. What is 1 K A Day Fast Track System?
  2. Creator of 1 K A Day Fast Track System
  3. Is it Legit?
  4. How does 1K A Day Fast Track work?
  5. Key Steps To Follow
  6. Price of 1k a Day Fast Track
  7. Bonuses
  8. Pros.
  9. Cons.
  10. Comparison

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What is a Super Affiliate System?

The super affiliate system is the beginner-friendly affiliate course, that gives the basic and actual knowledge to kick start your online business journey.

If you want to start your business (affiliate business) from scratch then this program might be a good option.

John Cresatani the creator Super Affiliate System course, has a great affiliate for over 10 years or more. He discovers the short way to get massive impact in online business.

Super Affiliate System started in the year 2015 (cost $5000, but now you will discover the whole updated course with very less amount), John crestani worked very hard to update the content and the training.

You dont have to worry about outdated training or courses that no longer work. Each and every time when the online market changes, Super Affiliate System course also changes its quality and content to keep this course fresh and genuine.

Is it Legit?

Super Affiliate System 3.0 V/S 1K A Day Fast Track: Which course you should buy? and the question arises that the courses are legit or not?

Yes, of course, it is. Every course has some pros and cons. (discuss it later in this review)

Yes, it is legit. John worked very hard to create this course and he himself a hard-working man, and when we started in online we all know that in online market it is very much difficult to raise ourself without proper guidance. John mentions a book “4 hours a week working” from this book he realised that we, the normal people have struggled a lot to make money online, but we failed to do that.

Then he creates this course to ensure that each and every people should stand their own feet and make a huge income from online.

Who’s it For?

From my research and as a student, I mostly recommend this course who is new in online space and who dont even know how to start an online business. But it doesn’t mean if you are an experienced marketer you can’t get this course, this course also has a pro version that provides a great value for experienced affiliate also.

Super Affiliate System is a Beginner friendly and John worked very hard to make this system easier to work with whether you are nineteen or ninety.

How Does Super Affiliate System Works?

Super Affiliate System is a 6-week course that each and every people who dont even knowledge on the internet can start with this Super Affiliate System.

In this Super Affiliate System 3.0 V/S 1K A Day Fast Track review I am here to discuss all the way possible to define which course is best for you.

Lesson You Will Learn

You will be specialised on :

  • Facebook Ads Campaigning
  • Solo Ads.
  • Google Ad Words Campaigning
  • Native Ads. e.g Rev Content, Mgid and lots more.
  • Youtube Ads
    And more…
  • Linkedin Ads
  • Classified ads.
  • Others ads network

Dont think that you have to spend a large amount to start ads. John gives you the Bonus of $997 or more of different ads campaigning. So you can start with zero risks.

He also provides a large number of bonuses that help you to get your first online commission as fast as 24 hours.

Tools used in Super Affiliate System 3.0

In this review, I already told that this program is newbie-friendly so this system is a tool-free System for beginners. You only use the ads platform





and more.

For advance marketing and ads campaigning you can use some of the tools like

Get Response [Email Marketing software 30 days Free Use]

Click Magic [Link Tracker to optimise your ad campaign Free Use]

Udimi Solo Ads [$5 Off]

So if you dont want to use these tools from the beginning it’s ok you don’t even need to.

Because every ads platform have their own tracking portal and pixel setup, so it will be not mandatory to use these tools.

But if you use these tools them you can control your money spend.

Exact Blueprint of Super Affiliate System

So, here I want to explore the detail of Super Affiliate System Dashboard and Internal Program and Step By Step Learning System.

Super Affiliate System a 6 Week Course

This is the introduction part, where John tells you the detailing and scope of this course, and how to think like a millionaire and how you can achieve your goal step by step.

In this module, you can learn the steps where to start and how to start. John explains this thing in details. And I am sure that you will go smooth each and every step of Super Affiliate System.

Affiliate marketing is a very vast area and you can’t compete for in a single day, so believe in John Cresatani and make sure follow the step by step guideline, for that, you can find the success very easily.

Detail Overview of Weekly Module

  • Week 1 Your Account Setup
  • Week 2 Understanding the system and learn the system
  • Week 3 Learn about marketing Skills
  • Week 4 Facebook and Google ads setup and campaign running
  • Week 5 Youtube Ads and Native Ads Run.
  • Week 6 Scaling and optimization

In this System, John shows you how he earned a commission of $500 in a 1 hour. Yes, this system and course are very effective.

Wait, Not end yet

John crestani gives you the details Optine page, ad creatives, campaign demographic and buyers list.

A huge Buyers list you can find when you join in this course. and this is the difference from other courses. John gives a huge value to his students and for that, you can easily scale your business to the next level.

*** In Bonus section I tell you the details about what you get when you join this.***

Price of Super Affiliate System

As I told you earlier that John charged $5000 when he started this course, Then he saw that most of the people can’t afford as much, they dropped the cost.

So here you can build your own businesses just paying $997,

Do you know what? I can refer more courses that suck your money and you don’t even get any value from this course.

If your budget is too tight then you can start with the split payment option,

But it only For USA citizens, If you are out of the USA then it will be not for you.


When it comes to Pros.

I am very excited because ya it sounds funny but I am happy to scrutiny their courses and give people the actual idea of how they are facing when they will start any course.

  1. John teaches the profitable technique that I dont see in the online space.
  2. This system if fast track system and not seeing any complex part.
  3. this is a beginner-friendly System. Even anyone who doesn’t even know how to start a computer he also can does this.
  4. No email list of email marketing needed
  5. The buyer’s list is given to every student.
  6. Ads creative and template copy for every ads platform. You dont need to create your self.
  7. You also going to master on free traffic and SAS 1.0 and 2.0
  8. Partly payment available, so you can start your business with no risk.
  9. Ads spending budget $979 or more give away to you.


  1. Follow the steps is only the best possible way to succeed in this course. Most people fail because they dont follow the course, If you are serious I recommended then join this course or if you have quick rich scheme mindset please stay away not only this but any courses, because there is no such a course that gives you quick money. you have to put some effort to gain this.
  2. Only show you only one niche as an example.
  3. Detailed Native ads not covered yet.


In this Super Affiliate System 3.0 V/S 1K A Day Fast Track review, before I start the review of 1 K A Day fast track, I will share the bonuses that blow your mind.

Over $27803 bonuses. and yes it is true. Jump into the training and check it for yourself.

Here I share with you the bonuses:

What is 1 K A Day Fast Track System?

Here we are, for 1 k a day fast track or we sat “1kadft” review,

After SAS I am pretty sure that you eagerly want to know how 1 k a day fast track work and how you will get benefits from this?

Let’s dive in the 1 k a day fast track course.

The main focus of this course is to get freedom and achieve a life that we all want by getting a $1000/day commission. Are you planning to stay at home and make some money that changes your life? This 1 k a day fast track is the key to making money with less manual work and do everything on autopilot. And in this Super Affiliate System 3.0 V/S 1K A Day Fast Track review i explore all the details.

So that you can roam all the country you want or spend as much time you want with your family.

Creator of 1 k a day fast track

Merlin holmes are the creator of 1 k a day fast track system. and he is a normal guy just like us. This system is referred by Anik Singal and Anik is the founder of Lurn group. So Merlin is not from a techy background, but his hard work and dedication lead him towards success.

Then he got a proposal from Anik to start a course that will help millions of people to earn money in a new method that no one seen before.

Is it Legit?

Yes, It is a legit program.

DO you know I dont even review if I smell anything wrong about any courses? So if you have seen me review any courses in my site then message me and tell me what you want to say.

But more of that I want you to succeed in online business. I struggled over 4 years to get my first commission .start your online business never been so easy. So many failures then we can see the success.

But things are changed when you get into a system that leads you to the success and shows you the proven step by step method.

if you start your online business from scratch I want you to join Super affiliate system. But if you have some experience then go with the 1 k a day fast track.

How does 1K A Day Fast Track work?

over 5.6 billion of people uses their Email actively. Recent research says that over 90% of people open their email twice a day. So this system based on Email marketing and a survey poll.

Yes, it is interesting when you will see how an engaging poll drives the traffic that converts like crazy and get you your first sale. We all know that data is king and Email nowadays an identity for most of the people.

In this Super Affiliate System 3.0 V/S 1K A Day Fast Track review I show you how you can generate 1k a day fast track via email marketing. and how you can get your potential 25k email subscriber without creating a product, or any inventory.

you just need to follow the step by step process to get success.

Key Steps To Follow

In the Super Affiliate System 3.0 V/S 1K A Day Fast Track review I will discover the possible data that gives you the clear idea whether you should buy or not.

“As a Student, I have a gift for you I will reveal this at the end I want you to read this “

Here in this program some of the key steps are included:

Step 1: Find out what is being bought the most

In this System, merlin will tell you what product to choose and how to choose? and the main affiliate platform merlin choose is Click Bank. Click bank is the convertible and easy u to use beginner-friendly affiliate platform.

So in Clickbank, we can search the highest convertible product through gravity. Merlin shows you step by step procedure in the course.

Step 2: Catchy headline that’s working in the market

Then after open the product page we can find out the headline of the offer. Then we can surprisingly change the headline in a question to build engagement.

Step 3: Poll Template setup.

So here you dont do anything. Yes, you are right you dont even construct or build your poll website. Merline gives away his own poll lander with just added with your domain and you are good to go.

you can build on your own, but I want you to use what merlin gives you. If you use click funnel then you can find this setup on share page of click funnel or if you use a custom domain then you also find the pre-build code for you.

Step 4: Offer to Subscribers

After completing the poll website, you need to drive traffic to this website and offer. So for that merlin use REV content. So it is basically a Native Ads platform.and the cost is around $0.2 per lead. Where in Facebook ads you can find $18 per lead or In google $22.So merlin runs his traffic to this poll and capturing email and by followup, you will get a commission when anyone purchases the product you promote.

Step 5: Continue adding 500-1000 more Emails per day

In this way, you can add 500 to 1000 email per day.and as per psychology and data if you gather 10000 emails in your email marketing campaign then you can generate $10000 per month.

Price of 1k a Day Fast Track

A week training course 1 k a day fast track is cost around $21000.But though I am a student of 1 k a day fast track then merlin gives me a free ticket to his training and huge bonuses who register to his webinar from below the link.


  • Proven Landing Page Template
  • Secret Thank You Page Cash Generator Script
  • Full Email Templates, and Training
  • Titan of Traffic Training System
  • Phone consultation Service
  • Ads pack and dollar bump
  • Partner support

So if you join now then the cost is around $997


  • Based on the Email marketing the system is so easy to understand.
  • Proven and consistent track record of earning a huge commission. (Even making $400 or more in 24 hours is possible)
  • The general bundle which incorporates the 6-week preparing and 7 high-esteem rewards with a complete market cost of $37,782 the most moderate and incentive for cash preparing in the web-based advertising business as of now.
  • 24×7 online customer support.
  • As mentioned earlier in 1K A Day Fast Track review, on purchase through the webinar, you also get a Free 2nd Login for your partner. (Spouse, Friend, Business partner, etc.)


this is not a quick-rich scheme if you want to get money in 1 minute then it does not exist.

Super Affiliate System V/S 1 K A Day Fast Track comparison

Key AdvantageSuper Affiliate System1 K A Day Fast Track
Easy To Setup✔️ ✔️
Private Community ✔️
Private Coaching ✔️ ✔️
Live in a Week ✔️
Zero Ad Cost ✔️
Step by Step Training ✔️ ✔️
Free Creatives for Running Ads ✔️ ✔️
Free Ads Video ✔️
Beginners Friendly ✔️
Email Marketing ✔️
Website Give Away ✔️
Buyers List [2300000 bizop list] ✔️
Do I Recommend? ✔️
Review Rate9/106/10


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