August 25, 2019

How to be a next Elon Musk: A case study on his success as an entrepreneur.

Elon musk success as an entrepreneur has not come by being an average human being.  He is behind the founding of some of the most forward-thinking companies such as SpaceX, Tesla, Zip2, and PayPal. He trained himself how to code within three days and earned high levels of education in both physics and economics. He borrowed books from his friends and taught himself how to construct rockets.

So for all the business owners out there who want to solve almost sci-fi like problems and be an innovator. Here are some of the tips from Musk on how to achieve success in a world.

Have a compelling goal

The goals that Musk possess and are pursued have been those that have not just inspired himself, but also those people who have enlisted to work with him. These goals whether or not are about interplanetary space flight, electric cars or high-speed tunnel transport are focused on the future. He invests his time and money on these problems for bettering current conditions.

Don’t be delusional

Don’t get infatuated with your brilliant idea and an imaginative mind. Take it with the consideration that you might be solving it as a problem, and seek the advice of trusted friends. Constantly seek criticism. Criticism on whatever you are doing is gold. Also, take feedback as much you can from numerous sources.

It is the difference between really thinking and scrutinizing your ideas and sticking with them, versus pursuing a few unrealistic dreams that don’t genuinely have merit. So you have to be very demanding in your self-analysis.

Work way too hard

Simple is probably the suggestion that Elon musk gives most often. Although he is as an individual running more than one company his advice for flourishing entrepreneurs is to be less ambitious. He suggests to dreams concentrate on one company and spend as many hours as you possibly can in building it.

He even goes on to say that one has to work early morning till night and think about it during your sleep. That’s a list of positive actions or sort of dedication you need to have to start an organization. He considers that no task is, too menial. If others are putting in 40 hours of work in a week and you are setting up 100 hour work weeks then you will achieve the task within the months which otherwise could in a year.

Be a friend to failure

Musk likes to refer that failure as his best friend and considers it to be important for the business to go up and keep running. Elon musk success as an entrepreneur shows and explains the process to be like eating glass and staring into the abyss. He also tells individuals to have a high threshold to failures and hurdles.

Also wants you to know that failure is not really the enemy, but rather it is a cost for a person to become bold enough to try something totally new. You need to be in an atmosphere where it’s okay to stop and if things are not really failing, you are not innovating sufficiently. Also, Elon musk has an idealistic view on solving problems. He considers that if something is essential enough, you should try even if the possible outcome is a failure.

Have Free Will

Elon Musk has a healthy skepticism for the workings of the status quo. Just because something has been already done in a particular way for numerous generations doesn’t mean that it needs to continue like that. And just because you have lived your life in a specific way for seemingly countless many years doesn’t mean that you have to keep residing it that way. You can modify it. 

Elon Musk thinks that people can choose to become not ordinary. They can decide to not necessarily conform to the exhibitions that were taught to them by their parents. He believes it is possible to choose to become extraordinary.

Spend your time wisely

Elon Musk successfully manages two massive companies by himself. He follows a tight daily schedule. He spends most of his time at SpaceX and half of the time at Tesla.  A normal week of Elon musk includes spending Monday and Tuesday at SpaceX, Wednesday at Tesla, Thursday and Friday at SpaceX. He spends Weekend with his family. Everyone has 24 hours and 365 days a year but it is how one spends it matters.

Apart from being a billionaire, Elon musk success as an entrepreneur expand into delivering Tesla Model 4, a reasonable electric car for the public. He is also expected to put humans on Mars in the years 2021 to 2031. For anyone, this might seem too unrealistic. But as this is coming from Musk, this is something that could one day become possible.

So if you want to be the next Elon Musk you have to have some of his qualities and explore the best of yourself. To know more about becoming a successful entrepreneur visit here.

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