September 1, 2019

How cloud computing architect helps to grow a business

Within this tough economy, one of the ways companies save money is through integration with cloud computing technology. The advantage of cloud computing is that it not only will save time but also money by distributing and storing important programs, files, and applications around worldwide servers. This allows workers to share more info and stay connected all the time. If you are interested in getting a cloud computing system at your office, seek for a cloud computing architect who can help you install the system. Here are the reasons how a cloud computing architect can help you grow a business.

Lower upfront cost

When you are starting a business you may not know how many people will be interested and eventually turn into customers.  So if you have planned to manage them through cloud computing your estimation of required cloud computing infrastructure can be wrong. A cloud computing architect can give accurate information about the number of servers and data center needed. This will save your money in case you could be buying more than needed.

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Increased reliability and uptime

 Your company may have the top-notch technical support team but they may not be specialized in handling cloud computing system. A cloud architect helps to maintain server uptime and reliability to more than 99.9 percent. The service level agreement with cloud computing service offers you guarantee about monthly uptime. If a server fails a cloud computing architect can easily transfer the service to another server. As servers are deployed in multiple locations the chance of your website going down is almost zero.

Flexible capacity

It would be great if you acquire thousands of users on the first day or on the product launch day. But it will not be worthwhile in case you managed your own servers and you didn’t have enough capacity and they would crash from the increase in traffic. And then you would scramble to buy and set up more servers to accommodate all this traffic, but it will likely be very late, and those users would run away to a competitor.

Cloud Computing is the key to easy complication strategies.

Ease of CCA

With a cloud computing architect, you can quickly set the necessary resources and handle explosive traffic on any day. An architect in cloud computing has the skills to range up and deploy extra servers extremely quickly to deal with all of the unexpected traffic. As well as you’d wind up with many pleased users. If you forecasted much more users than you actually obtained, you can easily scale down your capacity just as quickly to save costs.

Cloud computing architect introduces you to the versatile cost structure

Cloud host services use utility-based pricing, just like your local electricity company. Whenever you scale the server capacity up and down, you only pay money for what you use.  Cloud computing architect can set up your cloud infrastructure to turn for peak times after which drop down during times of reduced traffic, and you would prevent paying for any idle machine time.

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Cost savings on server administration

One cloud computing architect can save a lot of money which goes into middle management costs. If you have your own server farms, you will have to hire engineers in order to maintain them, as well as buy server management software.

Additionally, there are hidden costs that come as a result of protecting the security, power costs, and managing heating and cooling that you need to factor in. With a cloud, computing architect hired all costs are covered.


It takes a long time to build a good app and promote it. But less time is given to deciding on resources on which to run the actual app. This decision can be the distinction between the life and demise of your product. With cloud computing architect, you are able to procure IT resources with minimal cost, basically in no time, which significantly reduces the time in terms of getting an item to the market. Instead of servers, you can focus on your company, deploy critical apps faster, please your customers, and remain one step ahead of the competitors.

Increased security

Moving towards cloud computing can actually enhance security. Security used to be among the major factors that businesses cited as a reason to stay away from cloud servers. Whilst it is still certainly an issue cloud computing providers today offer significantly improved security and this alleviates the most of the fears.  Cloud computing architect takes responsibility of safeguarding the security of a large number of customers’ data and is always up to date within the latest threats and security standards such as HIPAA, ISO, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley AND more.

Flexibility within usage

Cloud computing companies have a comprehensive menu of resources that can apply to any kind of technology.

Whether you are building a mobile app or website on Ruby on rails or JavaScript even working in the finance or even media industries, cloud companies have all the tools you need to develop the technology you need.

Quickly Go global

Every day it is more valuable for businesses to serve clients across the world. With the help of cloud computing architect, you can deploy a global software in minutes and have it improve your speed and with less latency through setting up a number of servers closer to your customers.

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