May 14, 2020

Rachel Rofe Low Hanging System Scam? You Should Read This Review First

Low hanging System is the easiest E-commerce model created by Rachel Rofe And Don Wilson. In this Review, I will share the member’s area and other details whether Rachel Rofe Low Hanging System Scam or legit?

Hey everybody.

Welcome to my Low Hanging System Review where I will tell you Rachel Rofe Low Hanging System Scam or legit? I wanted to do a review of the low hanging system.

This is one from Rachel Rofe. Who is the partner of Don Wilson and what she’s doing here is something pretty cool. So as you guys may or may not know I focus a lot on paid traffic when I’m selling things online. So I want to pay Facebook to send me traffic and I basically use platforms like gear bubbles.

In Rachel Rofe Low Hanging System Review I will Share My favourite Teespring and represent and all that stuff and I also have my own store to that I dabble in but this is neat because this is a course that shows people how to sell stuff on Amazon Etsy and eBay.

So with the focus being Amazon Amazon is gigantic in the amount of traffic that they have as everybody knows you probably already bought something from Amazon and in your life and we can put stuff up on Amazon and we don’t have to run.

Honestly, we don’t have to run any traffic at all to it because there are so many people on Amazon searching for things that they just go on Amazon search find your product by it and then you basically ship it to them. So there are two ways on Amazon. You can buy all the product in advance and send it to Amazon and let them ship it or the other way, which I like you don’t have to buy the product in advance.

The order and then you drop ship it to the person who bought it. That’s what I prefer because there are no upfront costs. I don’t have to worry about inventory and the good part is with a company like Don Wilson’s gear bubble.

We can actually do things like coffee mugs and shirts and whatever maybe necklaces and we can use them for the Fulfillment with Amazon and with Etsy and with eBay, so it’s really cool. I just drove into this recently. I’ve got a couple of products already up on Amazon.

Following the training here. Take a look at the membership area.

It’s basically 32 lessons, but they are pretty in-depth like Rachel goes through everything. So the part first one is like the intro about the course the overall process and then she talks about finding proven Concepts, which is a really good video.

What knees should you enter also really good video because niches are very important to your success make great Design This video? I picked up to software programs. I didn’t know about I use Photoshop for all my designs.

Loads or some to five raw rope a designer do you mind but this was really cool. I felt she recommended to in there that I didn’t even know about. So I love that. I love that video. I think it was a video. Yeah. It was that video. I’m really good because It makes it so simple like say you’re doing a coffee mug.

In Rachel Rofe Low Hanging System Review The best thing that works is simple and if you have a text coffee mug, it just works. Well, so this the program that I actually hit she recommends in their work so well to create variations of your design. Well keeping it simple. So I love I don’t want to give it away. But man it’s I that was worth the price of the course right there and I did pay for this course. I did not get review access. I probably could have but I didn’t I bought it so I’ve paid for

Rachel Rofe Low Hanging System Review
Rachel Rofe Low Hanging System Review

So I’m a student too. She talks about step 3 launching on gear bubble. So use gear bubble for this so she walks through the whole thing finding keywords. This is a key because now you’re not using ads you’re actually finding keywords that are best on Amazon and she gives you a lot of good Tools in here that you can use to find this and I signed up for one of these tools and right away. I found three of my core niches and I found all the keywords for them and I started

Rachel Rofe Low Hanging System Review

testing products. I’m still listening to products on them on Amazon. She shows you how to launch on Amazon the one years and years ago. I always wanted to go on Amazon, but I thought there’s a barrier to entry because you have to have like UPC codes and I didn’t understand it and I didn’t get what they were talking about. But now watching that video and learning actually how to do it. The one barrier that I had to entry is gone. So now I know how to do it. I know how to move.

I know how to make it work. So it works really well. I’m very excited about making a ton of money on Amazon and I’m going to get on Etsy and eBay as well here too. There are SEO tips. So a couple like a little checklist that you should go through also on Amazon reviews are big.

So it talks you how to get talks about how to get reviews legitimately. You don’t want to have fake reviews on there. You’ll get your account banned you’ll be in a lot of trouble don’t do that how to make it discounted or free codes so she walks through that so if you have friends or

Your family you don’t have to do that route. But or people that you want to review you can you could offer them a discount code as long as they say in the review that they received a promotional discount for the review then Amazon likes that they’re fine with that. Now, this part I really like the sponsored ads right now. I’ve got a soon as I launched. The first one I launch sponsored at ads on it. I ran into a little difficulty with something called it by box, but I’m working through that but so sponsored ads on Amazon and really cool because

you’re only showing ads on Amazon so the and the traffic on that site is so huge it’s insane so I am very excited about this and set up a sponsor that’s is so simple compared to any other platform I’ve ever used then she has a download section as well now here she talks about getting into fulfilment by Amazon FBA so you can do that but you don’t need to go this would be where you buy your products in advance and send it there and then she talks about setting up your seller account how to do it correctly cat

Areas, you need for approval. So there are some categories like jewellery that you have to get approved for before you can lift your products in there. She walks you through everything and then selling on Amazon if you’re an international seller so more information there and here’s another one. So here’s posting on like other sites like Etsy eBay even talking about Shopify. So she actually goes through at Sea. She goes through eBay. She goes through Shopify with some tips and tricks and then

and she even goes to the length of showing you how to process orders. So it’s not just a put it up there and cross your fingers and hope something work. She’s walking you through everything in this is really nice to how to keep momentum and scale upscaling is a big problem for a lot of people because they get something going and then they kind of give up on it. Like when you have something that’s working. That’s where you should be focusing 80% of your time energy and budget and you got to keep that momentum going so if a campaign or if

Well, if a product is faltering you can actually put a little bit more time energy and maybe a little bit of money into it to get it to go even bigger so that this is a great video. I liked it and then the downloads and then she just has a wrap-up and not done there. She also goes into a case study. So she does a pillow one and then she does what’s this one design 600-plus easy sales capitalizing off Trends holidays. The holidays are a great time. So right now we’re about

out to come into Father’s Day weekend. And if you had a jumped on the Father’s day trend like followers a coffee mug sell like hotcakes on Amazon because like what child doesn’t want to buy a funny coffee mug for their dad for Father’s Day. So that’s it’s awesome like that and that’s not the only Trends transfer year-round like there are tons of them and it’s not just a holiday. It could be any day and then here’s another one.

She talks about sales from stock photos. So did you know that you don’t really have the even have a slogan on a mug you can have a picture that you bought commercial rights to and put it on a mug?

So just think about Alan tons of ideas there. I’ve got some sites that I use for that too. And it’s just Wicked. So I really like this course. I think it’s really good Rachel obviously knows what she’s doing and I’m not the kind of guy that recommends.

Everything to everybody I don’t do that. I actually promote very few products as you guys know if you’re on my list, so this is one that I like and this is one that I personally paid for with my own money. I did not get a promotional copy and I love it.

So I’m going to be doing a live case study on this in my forums right here. So right here right now. I’m doing round one coffee time. And basically, I’m it’s just

A live case study where I’m walking through how to sell coffee mugs using Facebook ads, but I’m going to add like round 2 is kind of going to be a coffee time free because I’m going to show how to do.

Coffee mugs on Amazon and Etsy and eBay. Okay, so I’m going to get into all that so I’m not just you know selling you a course and saying here go have at it try and do it. I’m actually going to do it to on my own site and I’m actually going to be in the trenches as usual with everybody. So I think that’s the difference between me and a lot of the other guys out. There is that I actually do everything that I recommend to you. So I’m not just telling you to buy it and go off on your own. I’m actually going to be there right with you.

Struggling trying to figure it out and making it work. So join me on a journey, you know, I highly suggest you pick this up. I did. I love it. I don’t regret it at all. And they also have a Facebook group to I’m actually not sure if that’s open or not to everybody.

I’m no it must be but you’ll see me in the Facebook group to because I’m asking questions and trying to figure things out because I love a challenge. This is a challenge and I’ve never been one to back down from one and I think getting kind of some you know.

Get up and getting passive sales is something that intrigues everybody because you’re not paying for a cost. So it’s hard for me to fire up a can’t product and not run pay traffic to it. So this is kind of it’s it’s a neat thing for me to experience. So I love you to experience it with me have a look at it. See if you like it and I think you will I do recommend it. And if you have any questions, let me know. Hit me up on the Facebook group or hit me up on email or Skype or come on into the


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