May 13, 2020

Low Hanging System Honest Review: Scam or Legit?

Low Hanging System and is it genuine?? I will go through all the details and fundamental about Low Hanging System in this Low Hanging System Honest Review.

Essentially, the Low Hanging System is a unique and simple to follow program made up of 7 stages. The program was made by the incredible Rachel Rofe and Don Wilson and they will show you how to set up and start your own one of a kind print on Demand business through selling physical things with little content expressions imprinted on them and selling these items on major eCommerce stages like Amazon and eBay.

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The Best way is you don’t need to invest any upfront to buy the product in order to sell on the internet. It is only run in Free traffic and make 5 to 6 figure easily.

Name of The Course: Low Hanging System

Creator: Rachel Rofe and Donald Wilson

Type of Course: E-Commerce and Print On Demand Store

Price :$1997 [One time Payment]

Private Bonuses :$3991 Free Bonuses[Top 3 Courses ] Click here to Claim

Experience of Low Hanging System: Reliable and legit Program

Hidden Charges: No Hidden Charges

Creator of Low Hanging System?

Low Hanging System Honest Review

Don Wilson is the creator of Low Hanging System, along with his partner Rachel Rofe. Don is also the founder of the company GearBubble, which is an e-commerce platform that integrates with Etsy, eBay, and Amazon to download and fulfil your print on demand orders automatically without any upfront cost for traffic.
This is a part of the Low Hanging System is getting one year of free access to the GearBubble platform and integration process. Wilson also has many years of experience in the internet marketing industry and has released numerous training courses and software products. In this Low Hanging System Honest Review, you will see the step by step way to start Low Hanging System.

Is it the easiest way to Make Income In Ecommerce Platform?


  • You don’t have to spend ANY money (no ad costs, no inventory to buy, no design costs)
  • – You don’t need ANY skills (you can be brand new)
  • – You can live anywhere in the world

Sure, that’s a big promise – but by the time you’re done reading this low hanging system honest review, you’ll learn exactly how to do this.

“Big Idea” Behind Success of Low Hanging System

I’ll explain everything in more detail in this low hanging system review shortly, but here’s the first part of the super-simple “Low Hanging System” model:

  1. Come up with very-simple design ideas – we’re talking, word-based phrases that take you 30 seconds or less to think of (keep reading to see how easy it is)…
  2. Use a FREE text spinner app to put the phrases in pretty fonts…
  3. Take your new “designs” and put them on top of products like mugs, posters, pillowcases, shirts, shot glasses, and more….

You can then take those “products” and sell them on sites like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay in unlimited amounts without having to buy any inventory.

The products are “print on demand”, so they only get made AFTER you get a sale from a customer.


A word or two of text gives you all kinds of new products you can sell on some of the highest-traffic websites in the world.

You don’t risk a thing.

5 Main Reason: Why This is Work So Well?

The top five reason why this low hanging system is the most effective and easiest system for every kind of people.

Get Your Products in front of a thousand of peoples in Seconds

Here’s in this Low Hanging System Honest Review, when you sell on sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, you get to leverage some of the highest traffic websites online.

Think about how many millions of people sell on Amazon alone. TONS!

All you have to do is list your products on there for FREE, and then when people do searches relevant to your product – for example, “funny knitting mug” or “funny dog shirt” – they’ll be able to find you!

Where else can you get in front of thousands of people without spending big money on advertising or without learning complicated traffic strategies like search engine optimization? Nowhere!

Don’t Need To Spend Money On Ads or any Inventory

Some of the sites you can list products on are free and you only pay fees after you make a sale.

Others have introductory offers where you can put up 20-50 products for free, then they’re a few cents per listing. Most of the profit for companies is made AFTER you make sales.

You don’t need to do paid advertising, you don’t need to pay for designs (in fact I’ll show you how to make them for free), and you don’t need to buy any expensive software.

It’s so low-risk.

Spend as much many time (or as little) as you want on it.

Busy life? No problem!

As I mentioned, I don’t spend that much time on this model. I actually really enjoy it but because I have other businesses, I treat this as a fun side project. In this Low Hanging System Honest Review, I will disclose the steps.

I come up with quirky little design ideas (more on this later), pop them on products, and the passive income starts to roll in.

It’s Very Simple

This method is so simple that we even have children doing it.

You don’t need any skills at all to get started.

You create easy passive Income

You can think of each product you list as a new mini-passive income stream.

The more simple designs you put up, the more chances you have to make passive income.

Check out the emails that come in over and over on autopilot:

Low Hanging System Step By Step Process

Step 1: come up with a simple phrase

Here’s the part where we come up with a SUUUUUPER-SIMPLE design idea.

it’s not complicated and you don’t need to do any niche research. In fact, my method is more of a “throw spaghetti at the wall” variety.

(As I said, I use this model to have FUN, so having strict rules would be missing the point.)

To prove to you that “throw spaghetti at the wall” works, I invite you to check out from Amazon’s bestseller list:

These mugs have all been sold thousands of times:

Step 2: Create Simple Designs

As you saw above, SIMPLE SELLS.

Here’s a screenshot I pulled from Amazon’s bestseller list – look how many text-based designs are selling!

You can use a very simple app to make some great designs.

There are apps like WordSwag (less than $5, one-time fee) that will let you input in some text, press a button or two, and then come up with endless permutations of design options.

These are 2 of about 500+ designs that you could make:

There are many free desktop-based tools too, like PicMonkey.

Each design can be made in as quickly as 5-30 seconds, so you can see how this can scale up VERY quickly.

Oh, and a quick warning: I don’t recommend you hire outsourcers to create fancy designs, nor do I recommend you spend more than a minute or two per design. We call it “low hanging” for a reason. 🙂

Step 3: Put your Design

Now that you have a simple design, it’s time to take it and pop it onto a mockup. Don’t worry if you’re horrible at anything technical like I am, as this is VERY easy.

Usually, I’ll just take a design and upload it to (free to sign up). You just take the design you made, upload it on top of a campaign, and presto – you have a product image ready to sell on the big e-commerce sites.

Step 4: Getting Keywords

Before you launch your products on e-commerce sites, you want to find the best keywords to use in your product title and descriptions.

This will help you stand out in the marketplaces.

I mean, sure – you can sometimes just list a product and sales will automatically come. Most of the time you need a little “juice” in your keywords so you can be at the top of the search engines each time someone searches for a product in your category.

This is very very easy to do and can be done for free, or you can use cheap $9/month tools that do all the heavy lifting for you. You decide if you have more money or time. We go over both options inside Low Hanging System.

Step 5: launch Amazon

When you have those keywords, you’re prepared to proceed onward to posting your items.

Inside Low Hanging System we go over a wide range of things you can do to get whatever number deals as could reasonably be expected:

  • How to get your items to the highest point of Amazon’s web crawlers
  • Where you can discover individuals who couldn’t want anything more than to purchase your item at limited rates with the goal that you can show Amazon individuals love your item and have them demonstrate it to more individuals for your benefit
  • Learn how to sell customized mugs – this is a GREAT method to charge more for mugs, and individuals LOVE THEM!

(Inside the course I’ll likewise give you some extremely slick ways you can take FREE (financially benevolent) pictures to make huge amounts of deals.)

  • How to set your records up the easy way (regardless of whether you’re a global merchant)
  • Interview with an Amazon master making $500/day – she gives huge amounts of tips…
  • Simple approaches to utilize Sponsored Ads (This is discretionary and typically I suggest not going through any cash whatsoever, yet since I’m getting an ROI about 99% of the time I’d be neglectful not to inform you concerning it)
  • How to easily list your items for FREE – you don’t require UPC codes any longer! It’s simple sans peasy.

… and a TON more.

Step 6:Launch on Etsy, eBay

Every step in this model is optional since it’s all about “low hanging”, but Etsy and eBay are such EASY MONEY.

Inside the course, we go over all kinds of things:

– How you can push a button and import your Amazon listings into other marketplaces

– Learn best practices for making the most of eBay, Etsy, and other sites

– The “flea market find” – aka, I met a woman at a flea market who told me she was killing it on Etsy, and I somehow got her to make us a video explaining her secrets

– And a LOT more!

Don’t underestimate those sites, by the way. Here are just some experiences people have had:

Step 7: Process Your Order

As I said before, if you follow the system, you can’t fail.

You make sales.

You might not make a sale in an hour as some people have, and you might not even make a sale your first week. But if you keep adding in these simple designs, you WILL make sales.

What Bonuses You Will Get when you purchase?


This is a 27-module course that is proven to generate 5-figures/month in passive income! Every module completely exposes each step of this system. All you have to do is follow the instructions and then start listing your own products. You’ll automatically get any new training updates to the course without having to pay for anything else.


You’ll be inducted into the official members-only Facebook group. This is not just any Facebook group. There is incredible value inside as well. No additional fee, this is included with your purchase.


You could simply follow everything inside the digital course and absolutely crush it. But it’s easy to get hung up on small obstacles when something is new. So I’m going to add you into the Jumpstart Program as well with 3 months of Live Coaching Calls.









How Much Is It? Price


My Private Bonuses


Step by Step: How to start a clothing brand (Value :$1497)

WHAT YOU GET FROM THIS COURSE? creating your first shirt designs and showing you the best editing and creation programs you can use in order to make your designs pop.

✔ Identifying, finding and sourcing the absolute best materials for you to print your newly created designs on.  
✔ Finding the right printer for your brand, weeding out the incompatible printers and helping you locate and establish a relationship with the right printer for you. 
✔ Ordering your first batch of shirts and running you through the process of allocating your capital correctly and identifying the right quantities of shirts to initially print.
✔ Brainstorming and walking you through a process of coming up with the right name for your brand, put into four simple steps for you.
✔ Learn the physical storefront website building process. This step is where you will learn everything you need to know about building your website for VERY LITTLE MONEY.
✔ Marketing your brand online and selling your apparel through your social media channels.
✔ Wholesale accounts and distribution and how you too can get high profile brick and mortar locations to sell your clothing, ultimately expanding your company operation (this is how we got celebs wearing our brand).
✔ A never before seen or spoken of the detailed history of entrepreneur and our first months in business, INCLUDING sales numbers, history of released designs, stories of our upbringing etc.!


Facebook Advertising Secrets [value :$1497]

  • The Full FB Advertising Secrets Training Program
  • Support from the Facebook Community
  • Facebook Ads Workbook
  • “How to Use Facebook to Get Leads” e-book
  • Beginner’s Guide to the Business Manager
  • Facebook ROI Calculator
  • Facebook Pixel Guide
  • Certification Quiz for the Course
  • How to Run Ads Effectively for Your Clients
  • Proposal and Report Templates for Your Clients
  • How to Package and Charge for Your Services
  • Best Practices for Getting Facebook Ad Clients

Bonus 3

 EARN $1000 FROM SINGLE SALE [value $997]

  • How you can earn $1000 or more from single sale.
  • Without your own inventory how you can earn $1000 by selling someone else product.
  • High Ticket Mind Map
  • High Ticket Check List
  • High Ticket Resources
  • Untapped Traffic Sources


When we started this Low Hanging System review, we asked the question whether it was legitimate. After going thoroughly the contents of the course and reading feedback from past students, it is clearly a totally legitimate and very high-quality course.

If you are like me and would like to relax and make some nice profits by letting your designs and ideas work for you while you are earning money using legitimate and proven methods on reputable e-commerce platforms, that comes with all of the software and marketing tools that you need, then Low Hanging System is the top choice.


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