August 26, 2020

Is affiliate marketing dead? The Best Way to Start Online

is affiliate marketing dead? This question arises many channels and online as well. So this is how the affiliate marketing end or it’s just a myth?

Affiliate marketing is not dead Yes! this is one of the most profitable ways to generate passive income today. Thanks to marketplaces and online stores, promoting the products or services of a third party is perhaps the best online business you can do.      

In this post, we take a close look at this whole issue, because the profits won’t come in the blink of an eye unless you consider a coherent and solid strategy. To help you master affiliate marketing, we’ve put together this guide that outlines every aspect, definition, and practice of this business.  

What’s affiliates marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business strategy that seeks to generate income through a recommendation. What is more recent is its application in the digital ecosystem, together with the practices and tools that are used for monetization.  

That is to say, this is a profitable online business idea that works through a collaborative relationship between brands that seek to promote and sell their products and an affiliate that earns a commission for positive results, each time a sale is made thanks to their promotional services and channels.        

It is very attractive for the company, since it will only pay when one of its products is actually sold, and for the affiliate because they can build an entire business on automatic pilot that allows them to earn money online. 

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Since you are evaluating how to generate passive income online with affiliate marketing, there are 3 fundamental concepts that you must master. These are the foundation on which this type of marketing strategy works.  


It is the company or person who requests the promotion of their products either through an advertisement or a link on an affiliate platform. But when using a link or posting an ad, the advertiser does not pay for visibility space but pays for each time a user converts through the action that was agreed with the affiliate. The most common platform is a blog or website, but social networks have also become a profitable channel to make it profitable in this way.


It is a partner or collaborator. If you want to be an affiliate, you would be the person who owns the promotional channel, who agrees to recommend the company’s product and receive a commission every time you get a person to buy that product. Of course, logic dictates that you only promote those products that have to do with your interests or knowledge and, at the same time, things that are useful or desired by those who visit your blog or follow you. Still, you think that is affiliate marketing dead? No Not at all ut if you want to become a super affiliate you have to create your own ecosystem that is easy to build around your space.

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Affiliate link

It is the means that will take to the website or product file (in the case of marketplaces) of the company where the user can make their purchase. The links have a unique code that serves to identify the affiliate and allocate the earnings. You can control the code to verify the profitability achieved and the commissions to be charged.

To get started, you must join profitable affiliate programs or contact companies directly to offer yourself as a partner. Programs usually already have the commission to pay predefined:  

  • Conversion: commission for the sale of the referred customer.
  • Click commission per number of visitors achieved.
  • Form: when a user referred by you fills out a form.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, like any business, has its pros and cons that you should analyze:


  • There is no need to create products, nor do all the administrative and logistics management.
  • Nor, take care of providing support or customer service.
  • Once a good strategy is put together, the business can be profitable with little management on your part.
  • Collaborations are time-bound, which will give you the flexibility to work with different companies and choose the most favorable ones.
  • When you recommend quality products that help people who visit your website, you earn a good reputation.
  • Companies can grow without taking risks and acquire an excellent sales force.


  • Build your affiliate marketing strategy can take one considerable time depending on your initial knowledge. You have to build a solid foundation as if you were selling your own products.
  • The amount of promotions you can do in a given period of time is limited, you can’t just sell. The excess of links can bring penalties from Google.
  • If a company chooses a bad affiliate, it will waste time and resources invested in creating links, images, or banners.

Basic principles that I recommend you follow to create an affiliate page

All essential and mandatory:

Be credible

Think that it is not about deceiving people by recommending any product, but those that you would particularly use and are part of your routine, work, or lifestyle. Understand and respect the needs of your audience, as your opinion will be considered valuable and they will take for granted what you are promoting.

Before becoming an affiliate of a company, answer the following: do you have confidence in their products? Do you consider them quality? What differentiates them from the rest and what things can be solved with them? Remember that you will earn commissions thanks to your reputation, so always keep it positive. 

Recommend only what you would like to buy

Hand in hand with the previous principle, do not promote any product. You are also a consumer and you like that your money is well worth it and, of course, that you are not fooled with false promises. Also, people will trust you more if you tell your experience as a buyer. If you add your recommendations explanations of how you used or you’ve felt with X product, more people will be encouraged to buy.

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Be relevant

There must be consistency between your website, your area of ​​knowledge or business, the niche you are targeting and the product or service to be promoted. Being relevant is understanding what your audience needs and looking for things that may be of interest to them.  

Do not try to sell, but advise

Your website will be a place of information, you must help people to achieve something based on your knowledge and as an added value recommend a product. You must function as a guide and in the first instance, you must offer useful content. The affiliate links must seem natural given your level of expertise. But if people only find sales when visiting your page, they will probably abandon it and not return.

Don’t think in the short term

affiliate marketing worth it.This is a profitable business to generate passive income online, but it is not an immediate business whose results you will see in the short term. First, you must: 

  1.  establish a relationship of trust and value with the public
  2.  position your content
  3.  create authority
  4.  then you can promote and get real results

What do you need to know to create a successful affiliate page?

  1. Knowledge about a product or service or a specific market niche

You can learn many of the techniques along the way, but you have to start from some point or, in short, you must know something. When you master a product in detail, you will know its qualities and the problems it can solve. On the other hand, when you know a market niche you are able to measure and segment a group of buyers, therefore, the products they are looking to buy.

  1. Create a blog

This will be the channel to publish your valuable content and the main source of traffic from potential customers for the product to be promoted. You should create your blog and for this, you may need to know some basic parameters that will help you build it.

Aspects related to the domain, hosting, design, and programming will be very relevant. If you do, hire professionals to do one job quality and invests in quality accommodation at the end will be worth it.

  1. Knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO)

Once you have your blog and a couple of articles, you should gain visibility. Content is useless if nobody sees it. The optimization SEO will help you move up in the search engines every time someone uses a term related to your content. Here keyword management criteria, link optimization, information hierarchy, relevance, and authority come into play. There are professionals who are in charge of working on all the technical aspects of SEO.  

  1. Date of high affiliate programs that go products to promote

As I mentioned earlier, you could contact the companies directly and build your affiliate portfolio, but this may take more time. We recommend an affiliate program, as it will be easier and faster to start, and they already have a secure infrastructure.

  1. Constancy

Even if at the moment you can’t dedicate 100% of your time to it and just want to make extra money, in the long run, affiliate marketing could pay you big dividends, only if you are consistent. 

  1. A bank account with which you can associate the programs you sign up for

Of course, an administrative aspect no less important.

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Steps to monetizing your blog with affiliate links

  1. Choose the right market niche

You must locate a market sector with which you can make a profit through a correct satisfaction of needs and to do so you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have good knowledge and choose what topic you are passionate about doing something that does not generate interest or that we do not know anything about will simply be a waste of time. Think that to offer valuable content and properly manage your audience you must know what you are talking about, establish constant dedication, and be willing to help. Simply entering a niche or market because you believe or have heard that it is profitable is not enough. 
  • Market size: measuring the market in which you want to sell will give you insight into the needs of consumers. To choose the market, take into account that the bigger the competition, the greater and with more consolidated businesses than yours. 
  • You must segment until you find a niche where you have more opportunities. For example, you want to get started in the mattress market, this first division by itself is very vague. If you choose orthopedic mattresses, you will find a niche with more specific needs and better conversion rates. Getaway completely from the idea of ​​opening a new market, it is very complex, takes time, and requires a lot of investment.
  1. Choose the products for your target audience
  • That they solve a problem: that is, they must be focused on improving or simplifying the lifestyle of your audience. Consider quality and relevance, like the mattress example above. 
  • From which you can create enough articles: since the hook for the audience is the content, you should look for something that you always have something new to say, or at least it allows you to get enough articles. How do you know? Check on the web how much information there is about it and search for keywords. 
  • That you give good commissions: discusses this in detail. Generally, an expensive product generates a higher commission rate than a cheap one. If you choose an inexpensive one, you will have to make any purchases to earn profitable commissions, but a more expensive product can give you good income with fewer purchases. 
  1. Analyze the competition

Evaluating what your competition is doing will tell you 3 great things: if there is a space for you in that market, what are the appropriate positioning terms, and what you should do not to become a copy of others. You can start with:

  • Study reference websites in your niche: it is best that you consultants with an SEO specialist, but you can also use some extensions Google to analyze authority, for example, Seo Quake, MozBar, Woorank, and SEO – Detective. Also, try to review how they communicate, what they offer, and see how you could be original with your content.
  • Analyze the keywords of both the niche or topic and the products: study the search terms and classify them according to the buyer’s journey. It is not the same as someone who is looking to learn how a product works or what it is for and another who is looking for brand comparisons to choose from. In the second option, the purchase intention is closer to the conversion.  

Each of them is in a different stage of the conversion process and ranking them according to the keywords they use will help you guide them to the purchase. Some tools to search for keywords: Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ubersuggest, ahrefs,, and LongTailPro.

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  1. Create content based on your keyword research

Start with informative content about your niche to attract a large audience related to your goal. The options can be very varied depending on the approach, the listings, feature texts, tutorials, tips, and tutorials are very useful for people who visit your blog. Some ideas can be:  

  • Lists: 7 tools for effective time management
  • Questions: Take a look at the product FAQs and create content related to them. If they are there, they have searched.
  • How to: how to vacuum your home while working with a … 
  • General information articles on a topic.

Transactional content: transactional content is those that focus on users who are closest to buying according to the buyer’s journey. Hence, the importance of ranking the keywords and knowing which terms are relevant to create content that encourages purchase. Some examples:  

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  • Comparisons of various products: the best SEO tools 2020. 
  • Reviews of one product vs another: similar to the previous one but focused on two products, generally direct competitors. 
  • Alternatives to a product or service.
  • The opinion of a specific product: talk about a successful case, How I won my first job with … 

How to find the right affiliate program?

Ways to join an affiliate program

To do it, you have two ways:

  • Find the program for the product you want to offer.
  • Sign Up high on a platform and look for products that you might be interested in: At the moment their affiliate networks you can use to build your business, are pages to earn money by recommending products that already have an infrastructure, procedures, and commissions predefined and will let you track of your codes. They also have an extensive catalog of products.    

Things to keep in mind

To choose the affiliate program that suits you best, you must take into account the type of system according to its commission, the cookie conversion time, and the% of the sale. We explain everything to you below.  

  1. Cookie conversion time

The cookie is a tracker that is installed in the user’s browser and serves to identify that this buyer comes from your website. Affiliate programs assign a conversion time for that cookie, so if the person decides to buy later, you could still take the commission. The conversion time can be from 1 day to a month.

  1. Percentage of sales

Some programs have higher sales percentages than others. This depends a lot on the company that wants to promote itself and if the market is very competitive. It could also happen that the company wants to grow quickly and opts for an aggressive affiliate marketing strategy (in other words, you pay more commissions so that all bloggers choose to promote their products. If in your case, the product passes with your principles and market niche, and on top of that they pay a high commission, you’re in luck. 🙂

  1. Type of commission

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These determine the kind of program

  • CPC (cost per click): the commission is based on the number of clicks achieved on the affiliate link, which can be ads of a wide variety of types. The advertiser is responsible for providing graphic materials to be used. 
  • CPA (cost per action): the most common action is based on the final purchase of the recommended product, one of the most common forms of affiliation, and is paid after having registered the conversions in the affiliate platform. Apart from the final sales cost per action, you can also earn money by obtaining leads, each time the person who comes with your link fills out a contact form.  
  • Recurrent: for affiliates who are in charge of getting customers who buy several times from the same company. Thus, a commission is generated for the first sale and for subsequent sales, ideal for subscription products. 
  • Bonded: it is also used for subscription products, but in this case, it is not necessary for the user to buy, but to fill out a form. By becoming a lead, all subsequent purchases you make on the website will generate affiliate commissions. Simply put, you shouldn’t recommend products for direct sales.  

Affiliate programs in Worldwide


Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the largest and most popular that allows you to take advantage of the immense sales potential of this platform, the one with the highest turnover in Spain and Europe. So without a doubt, you should consider it as one of your alternatives. It works quite simply, you send customers to Amazon and for each sale made you get a commission. The downside is that the commissions are low and the cookie conversion time is 24 hours.  

However, if you create a good blog with enough traffic and also take advantage of the popularity of this platform, you will find a great source of money. The immensity of its catalog will allow you to promote many products in a niche market, both cheap and expensive. Commissions range from 1% to 12%.

Registration is quite fast, you can sign up for affiliate programs in other countries and it allows you to charge commissions, with a minimum of 25 euros, through a deposit in your bank account or with gift checks. Once you complete the registration and have placed the links on your blog, you can track conversions from your affiliate account panel on Amazon.

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Click Bank

It is a platform specialized in the sale of digital products active in more than 188 countries and with an extensive catalog of 1000 categories. It is used for those who want to sell their products or services and to become an affiliate.

Commissions could be up to 80% to 100% of the cost of the product, after taxes, and the commission charged by Click Bank to the advertiser. It is a secure, reliable, and automated platform.

It also gives you relevant information about the products that you can sell according to three criteria:

  1.  Temperature: shows you the products with the highest sales in a short time and the fewest refunds. 
  2.  Satisfaction: top-rated products. The amount of sales is not in itself a positive indicator, your score should be validated in positive reviews. 
  3.  Blueprint: quality of the card of the product of the advertiser, if the texts and images are good, the commission, and the final price. When you get a product with a percentage of 60% or more in the blueprint it can be a very good option. 

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It is one of the largest affiliate networks in the USA and what it does to this different platform compared to others is working only with big brands. It is possible to be an affiliate of a telephone company, a bank, or large departmental businesses such as El Corte Inglés. It has more than 29,000 renowned advertisers and a presence in 15 countries.

This platform is a great option, but we recommend you wait until you have a more established blog with a good amount of traffic to have more opportunities to affiliate with a brand. With Awin the process is a little different since you will not go directly to the product, but first, you need to contact the company and request to be its affiliate.

Awin’s interface is simple and intuitive, allows easy generation of affiliate links, allows more deposits per month of your commissions, informs you about offers and promotions from advertisers. Additionally, it supports influencer marketing to harness the potential of social media. The disadvantage is that you will not have information about the commissions until you become an affiliate.

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Udemy is an educational platform that specializes in promoting courses in video format. It is very popular with both Spanish and native English speakers. Registration is easy, and you receive approval in about four days. It is a good alternative if you have an audience that seeks training according to the topics that you usually handle on your blog.

The platform guarantees to have competitive commissions, but you won’t know until you sign up and choose the courses to recommend. One of its advantages is that Udemy has a wide variety of courses to choose from and your earnings can be exchanged for exclusive content and discounts for your own training, if you wish, of course. It also offers various formats to use affiliate links and tools to help you get more sales.

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Do you feel ready to start? You may not have all the tools or resources available yet, but you certainly already have all the information you need to start building your own affiliate business.

Remember to apply the principles and recommendations to be a creator of relevant content and recommend only those things that generate monetary value and satisfaction to others!

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