August 5, 2019

20 micro niches you should be starting up a business in 2019

If you keep up with the internet marketing trends, you should have already heard about micro-niches. It is a subsection of the broader niche. In simple terms, a micro-niche targets a specific portion of customers in the customer base. This idea caters to customers in a customized way and tries to increase the conversion rate. Micro niches have proven to be very successful for entrepreneurs who are looking for starting up a business. Also if you are already working in a particular niche, you need to know the possible micro-niches on which you can work on.

Baby Care

You can target mothers who want to learn everything regarding baby care. In fact, very first-time moms now prefer the internet search route to search baby treatment information online. The market on baby care by itself is very competitive. So the best thing that you can do is, create a micro-market blog using a keyword such as baby care tips on bathing, how to baby care massage, baby care oils.

Add on-camera accessories for smartphone

Do your research and select popular smartphones and know their limitations in terms of their digital camera capacity. Read reviews and know about what customers are looking for in order to improve the specification of the camera. This micro-niche that has higher search volume and lower competition. To monetize your micro-niche on this, utilize Google Adsense, or include affiliate links.

Courses for college students

If you have teaching experience on a particular subject, you can create specially tailored courses and help students in learning.  You can deal with giving information on careers and job openings in appropriate fields also. This is one of the micro-niche ideas that have good potential to offer sufficient growth as the demand is high. You can Start your digital Course on Udemy.

Smartphone RAM

Just like digital camera specifications, buyers check the memory features too, before buying the Smartphone. This offers excellent scope to create many micro niche blogs under the Smartphone RAM category. Some profitable keywords could be smartphone RAM review, Smartphone memory 4 GB / 6 GB.

Beach Tours

Magnificent beaches around the world draw a large number of foreign visitors. Many of them search online to know about the best beaches to visit in different places around the world. Thus, it is a great idea to create a blog on top beaches around the world, beaches that very fewer people know about. There are many other micro niches that one can create out of the highly saturated niche of tourism.

DSLR Zoom lens

There are people who are professional videographers and photographers. You can target them by expanding on the micro-niche with keywords like DSLR zoom lens price in the US, UK, Australia, etc, Wide-angle DSLR lens, DSLR lens specs, or DSLR lens cleansing tips. You can also mark on company-specific keywords, for instance, Canon DSLR zoom lens price, or GoPro Digital SLR lens list, etc.

Mobile Case

Cellular case online, mobile situation print, mobile case publishing machine, and mobile situation maker are low-competition tiny niche blog ideas within the mobile case category. You may also consider any renowned cellular company-specific micro-niche weblog.

Pre School

It’s very natural for parents to seek the very best education for their kids. Nowadays, they are concerned about pre-school schooling, when practically a child enters the school! The problem is, very little information is available about the schooling system. If you can attract students and parents to review about various schools in the country consider working on creating a website on this micro-niche. One can provide information about Top pre-schools in a particular location, best pre-school education, and others.


UPS will always be in demand as it is a protective device. Although high tech space is saturated, information on the best UPS available locally is not properly organized on the internet. You can fill this void by creating a micro niche website providing info on UPS available in a certain cost range, UPS for TV, computer and other electrical equipment, Best UPS for PS4, etc.

Rock climbing

Your mountain climbing blog may target adventure sports fanatics. The fact is adventure sports is fast emerging as an appealing tourism option, but information on sites and clubs on rock climbing is not readily available. If you have knowledge about rock climbing or can hire an expert in this micro-niche, you can create content on rock climbing on topics such as Mountain climbing exercises, Rock climbing kit, Mountain climbing at a particular location, backpack stress test, etc.

Green Tea

These days, Starting up a business on green tea is trending among fitness enthusiasts and people looking to lose weight. Based on statistics, online searches for green tea is at an all-time high, which gives you the opportunity to earn money from a green tea-based micro-niche.  


Households and workplaces are switching from conventional lights to LED illumination to save energy and reduce their power bills. Over the past few years, lighting has turned out to be a multi-billion dollar industry. So certainly, there are already established weblogs operating in the LED section. But you can fine-tune your niche by providing services under LED lighting with regard to home décor, Outdoor LED illumination,  review of LED lighting, Energy-efficient LED lighting, etc. 

3D printing

3D printing is definitely an emerging technology, which is why this micro-niche is not yet overcrowded. If you understand the technologies, this is the right time to release a 3D-printing-related micro-niche weblog and Starting up a business. Your target on Best low budget 3D printers, 3D printing business, Professional 3D printers, Indoor 3D printers, 3D inkjet printer at a location,  and 3D printing programs. 

Making Cakes with Microwave

For those who have a sweet tooth as well as love baking, you definitely must be on the lookout for special dessert and cookie recipes. For this reason, food blogs and movies enjoy huge strikes these days. You can cash in on this particular opportunity by creating sub-niche blogs that talk about microwave cake making.

Music scene

A phenomenal number of music enthusiasts around the world follow the music business. Though there are high-profile magazines already covering this subject, you can still create an area for yourself with a sub-niche weblog. You can cover on music band tour dates, emerging artists on Spotify, Rock-band T-shirts, Upcoming music artists, and music album review.

Colors for Painting Home

The home coloring falls under the wide interior designing category, provides many micro niche weblog ideas. If you have a creative flair, you can start a micro-niche on this subject with phrases such as Home color design, Home color combinations, etc.

Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom decoration is another interesting micro-niche to consider in the interior design space. It features among the most popularly searched terms on Google and so you have the scope to attract a larger audience. Some of the profitable micro-niche blog ideas on bathroom include affordable bathroom decoration ideas, small restroom decorating ideas, and bathroom decorating Items and it will be beneficial for Starting up a business.

Do it yourself kitchen ideas

Kitchen decor excites housewives. And that is reflected in the internet searches. Much like bathroom designing, you can create a micro-market blog related to kitchen areas. Some micro niche ideas for modular kitchen you may use to monetize are Do it yourself kitchen cabinet ideas, DIY kitchen accessories, and spending budget for kitchen appliances.

Celebrity Lifestyle

Starting up a business with a micro-niche blog on celebrity lifestyle is probably a unique and fast method to be successful business strategies. Celebrity lifestyle fascinates people, and it presents a chance for you to steer their interest towards your blog.

Since there are currently top-notch blogs getting released daily about celebrity way of life, a wise idea would be to stay away from the main niche. However, you may follow the main theme and create micro-niches in a bit different way. Here are a few popular micro-niche weblog ideas.

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